COVID-19 Update

Dana and The Red Shoes has very carefully considered the position in relation to COVID-19. My makers and I are extremely mindful of the Government’s current position and rules. Our number one priority is safety and wellness for all and we do not wish to take any steps which contradict that. We are also mindful of supporting suppliers of sustainable deadstock fabric and also of the income generated to the makers of garments.

Currently, we are satisfied that we can continue to produce sustainable beautiful clothes in response to your orders, very safely and in strict compliance with government rules. This is an extremely small and very local production with very limited stages involved. Hygiene standards are maintained at each stage. We do not need to travel or to see each other to meet orders. Any handling of fabric and garments is done with freshly washed and sanitised hands.  Deliveries are to be kept to a minimum. Deliveries are now being undertaken by a no contact DPD service which is collected so that there are no additional trips outside to post, and there is no need to have contact upon delivery. 

Any orders may take slightly longer to be made/delivered as we prioritise safety and balance family needs. We will endeavour meet the 7 to 10 day delivery times and let you know if that is not possible.

This position with be continually monitored and reviewed as the situation develops and/or the Government’s position changes. We will let you know any changes to the above ASAP.

Safety and wellness for all is the most important thing at the moment and we are sending you our love and best wishes. We would like to continue to make your beautiful clothes as it makes us (and you!) happy.